Spiritual Coaching and Counselling

There are a great many people who feel unheard, empty, directionless, and confused about what it is they really want out of life. I believe this is specifically because of a lack of real and solid connection to ourselves. Most of us are living our lives following a script. That script is dictating to you all of the things you “should” want, all of the goals you “should” have, and all of the ways you “should” be living.

The problem with the script is that you didn’t write it. It’s filled with values that were imported to you throughout your lifetime. The cumulative effects of listening to these external voices is that we have fallen further and further away from our own true inner voice. This occurs to the point where we don’t even know who we are anymore. When we place so much value on those external scripts (which are so heavily predicated upon other people’s opinions), we risk losing ourselves in harmful outcomes like depression, anxiety, soul – crushing disillusionment with our jobs, abusive relationships, unstimulating social lives, empty or non existent spiritual lives, and other detrimental results.

Through my experience working with various wellness and spiritual modalities I have experienced the immense joy of cultivating a spiritually centered life that has added vitality, joy, and direction for me largely because it is my own.  And, I believe that this is possible for all of us if we are willing to listen to that inner voice! 

Let’s work together to help you find out what your true values are. Let’s discover what true spirituality is for you. 

In me you’ll find a coach who really listens and provides a safe environment for personal growth. Let’s partner up to get rid of that script. It’s time you get clear on who you really are! 


Now that I think of it I don’t really know much about Arnold. If Arnold’s life was a cake I would know just a thin slice of it. But it would be a delicious, deep, Cheesecake-Factory-style cake and a thin slice would come with substantial depth.

When I embraced the challenge of sharing my story from the Micdrop stage, with a mic in hand and an audience, the depth of what I knew about Arnold made him the perfect coach for me. We both shared weekly in a space where we sought to heal old wounds and grow into happier, healthier and better people. We both had known the struggles of pain, sadness, self-loathing, loneliness, powerlessness and unmanageability. We both knew what it was to have 1000 questions about ourselves and few-to-none good answers. We both had known a tremendous darkness and had seen that darkness spread throughout our lives and almost destroy us.

Beny Schonfeld

I also knew, that like me, he had fought hard and worked hard and overcome many of those tremendous challenges. I knew he was not only a survivor but now a source of light who gently guided others out of the darkness and the pain. I knew he was now grateful, happy, constructive, helpful, wise, kind, loving. And I knew that he had found the joy and power of connection with oneself and with others, in no small part by consistently risking being vulnerable with others. And that was, more than anything, what made Arnold such a great coach: from our very first working session we were fully aligned in that my talk would only be as effective as my ability to craft it from a vulnerable place and to deliver it vulnerably. To that end, Arnold was instrumental in guiding me as we crafted the message, the arc of my talk, as well as my delivery. He never lost sight of my desire to preserve vulnerability as the heart and soul of my share and offered plenty of direction and support to achieve that.

Beny Schonfeld, Continued

Arnold was always constructive and helpful in his feedback and recommendations. He was kind and gentle when needed, and challenged me when his instincts told him he could get more out of me or to indicate which parts of my story I needed to dive deeper into or dig harder to get at it’s core.

Lastly, Arnold was especially reassuring in reinforcing other lessons I struggled to hang on to while preparing for my Micdrop moment: that preparation and practice would in fact enhance my ability to share vulnerably rather than extinguish it, that I did not need to memorize lines in order to avoid making a fool of myself in stage, and that my message would actually be helpful to others and was worth sharing. Indeed, Arnold was right about all of it.

If you’ve got a heartfelt message to deliver, I know Arnold can help bring it out of your heart and into being. I fully trust Arnold with all my heart and encourage you to do the same. Arnold’s got you.

Beny Schonfeld, Continued

I feel compelled to write about my friend, Arnold Rodrigues. I have known Arnold for the past 4 or 5 years. Together we have developed a special relationship that is based on honesty, transparency, compassion and truth. I have trusted him with my darkest secrets, always feeling love and acceptance.
I have also observed that he has a combination of intelligence, insight, and creativity into the human condition. He has the unique ability and desire to listen to others and help to make them feel safe.
Arnold connects to people who are experiencing pain and with his abilities has given those suffering a true sense of hope and relief.
Arnold is a true healer, both physically and emotionally. This natural ability is simple his nature and essence. He is sensitive and kind and he cares. He freely gives of himself with no thought of getting anything back in return.
As a true healer and guide I have no doubt that he will help many people during their personal challenges.
It is a true honor to know him.

Mark J.

From the first moment I met Arnold, I knew he knew me. A knowing that is deep and on a spiritual level. Over the past 4 years he has been a wonderful “guide on the side.” He gently has led me to honesty and a personal and spiritual transformation, greater than I have had in my entire life. He opened my eyes so I could really see who I am. I am in a much better place because I have known, worked with and listened to Arnold.

Joseph M. Fasi II J.D.

Arnold has this unique gift of empowering his clients through gentleness and kindness, sharing his wisdom and opening gateways one feels safe walking through. I have had amazing healing experiences in my sessions with Arnold.

Rabbi Avrohom Lipszy, The Jewish Mind

Empaths are described as highly sensitive individuals who have a keen ability to sense what people around them are thinking and feeling.
That description fits Arnold.
From the first moment that I connected with this fine man, I knew that he was the kind of person who would always be of value both personally and professionally. Arnold is ambitious, disciplined, genuine, and his integrity and high regard for ethics shines in everything that he does.
He cares about the best possible outcome for others as much as towards achieving his own goals.
Honesty and knowing your objectives is key. Arnold never flinches from genuinely focusing on the objectives that will produce the most fulfilling results for all concerned. He is consistently a great listener, advisor, and a coach who believes in unleashing the abilities of every individual. He has faith in the value of each individual and team he works with, and he allows others to embrace their full potential wholeheartedly. He does this with encouragement and an appreciation for healthy boundaries and expectations.
Arnold will always improve any personal or professional experience by directing us to embrace the best that we can be.

Joe Mannetti

I offer many methods of Spiritual Coaching and Counselling to provide my assistance in whichever format makes you most comfortable.

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