Reiki is actually a compound word, Rei and Ki. Rei means, The Universal life force and Ki, means energy (derived from the Chinese word, Chi). It is a practice that was started by a Japanese Monk named Mikao Usui in the early part of the 20th century. Although the practice began in earnest around that time, the Universal life force, by it’s very nature, has existed since the dawn of time, and even before that.

We all possess a deep inner knowing of this fact. It is impossible not to know this, because it is in every cell of our being. But, most of us have forgotten this. We have become disconnected from this most fundamental of truths for so many reasons; the chatter of modern society, the seemingly endless sprawl of the concrete jungle, our own imported insecurities, and many other factors.

The practice of Reiki seeks to restore peace and correct the imbalance in people’s lives. For 22 years, as I have engaged in this profoundly affecting modality. I have witnessed people’s lives change. Energy work can have an impact on clients on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. And, the beautiful thing is that, as the client, all you have to do is set your intention and just let Reiki do it’s work. It’s that simple. The energy goes where it is needed!

Arnold understands the energy and healing force of reiki. However, there's more to his work than that. He also knows that any modality is truly empowered only by connecting with the energy/spirit of the client. His hands heat. He is present. He saved my life during a time of acute grief and distress.

Jim Littrell

A Dream Reiki Session. That’s what I got from Arnold during this Stay-at-home Time. Yes, it was a Remote Session and I got absolutely all the benefits of an in person one. Before starting the session from his place, Arnold asked me to lay down and relax on my bedroom and after a few minutes I dozed off. When I woke up I felt refreshed, reenergized and I realized I could recall everything I dreamed during this unwinding experience (I usually don’t remember much from my dreams). The cherry on top of the cake came when Arnold called me a bit later and gave me feedback regarding my dreams, with some interpretation that made perfect sense, and also his always welcome intuitive guidance on how to deal with what was stressing me out. Thank you Arnold!

Carlos E Aguilar

The health benefits of reiki

  • Relieves pain, anxiety, and fatigue
  • Helps treat depression
  • Boosts mood
  • Enhances quality of life
  • and more!