Laughter Yoga Classes

This amazing and uplifting modality was started by a family physician named Dr. Madan Kataria and his wife in Mumbai, India in 1995. It is an incredible method which is extraordinarily effective in getting the participant in touch with their inner child by encouraging childlike playfulness. When done in a group, a sense of unity and connection is organically established amongst the participants. Inhibitions drop, strangers become friends, and existing relationships are strengthened. Let’s face it, laughter is contagious!

Included with every session will be an explanation of what laughter yoga is, deep breathing exercises, and spontaneous laughter exercises.

You will potentially experience some, or all, of the scientifically proven health and wellness benefits of sustained laughter, including (but, not limited to); increased oxygenation of the blood, feelings of euphoria and improved mood, and a sense of bonding and community with the other participants. This stuff is high energy so, be prepared for a work out!

I incorporate exercises that I learned while training as a laughter yoga leader at LY university online as well as fun exercises that I picked up during my 15 years of playing on Improv stages in NYC. It’s fun, truly uplifting, a great way to lower Inhibitions, and an amazing release of energy.

I had the pleasure of participating in several Laughter Yoga sessions with Arnold Rodriguez. He is very warm and welcoming, explaining the concepts and exercises clearly to new-comers. The sessions definitely provided great stress-release as well as a sense of greater peace and Arnold is excellent at creating connection and community in a short amount of time! Laughter Yoga sessions with Arnold are a fantastic way to decompress and become more present amidst all the challenges and stresses of recent events. I would recommend Arnold to anyone!

Rob Acevedo

Sometimes in life we get to do business with people we really like, working with Arnold Rodriguez was one of those special times, the synergy we experienced combined with his compassion, energy, and desire to engage was a total joy.

Arnold led many of our groups with his special Laughing Yoga that he intuitively designed so that each respective group felt comfortable, inspired, and most importantly – connected. He was able to command total participation every class he taught and quickly made people comfortable and excited to be in his class. Arnold’s class was a mainstay while doing in-person events and our older adults really looked forward to seeing him. Arnold is so personable and engaging that his class became a mindful experience that was healthy and settling for both the body and the mind. I cannot wait until we laugh together again!

Joy Siegel

I have really enjoyed the Laughter Yoga sessions, Arnold have done a good job showing me through exercises, that I can produce laughter even at times I would’ve never thought I could. His method is very effective and I had fun in the process, relaxing and learning how to laugh at myself.

Israel Ferreira

All you have to do is laugh!

Laughter Yoga can be extremely effective for team building and lifting the mood at work.

  • Individual Sessions
  • Group Sessions
  • Corporate Engagements
  • Virtual sessions on Whatsapp, Zoom, and Skype also available.