Full Body Massage Therapy

Get to know your body for the first time.

I graduated from the renowned Educating Hands school of massage therapy in Miami in December of 2017 and have been joyfully practicing in this essential modality ever since. Incorporating a mixture of Swedish massage, deep tissue, and facilitated stretching, I use my hands as bodily detectives to search for and root out hidden tensions that are lurking just under the surface.

Continuing on the theme of connection, so many of us are walking around completely disconnected from our bodies. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had massage clients tell me, “I had no idea how many tense spots were on my body.” Our hectic daily lives cause us to be completely distracted from the stresses we are putting on ourselves both physically and mentally. The cumulative effects of daily tension (from tense driving postures to using harmful body mechanics while exercising) can create painful conditions and adversely affect our quality of life. 

Arnold has the magic touch. He is what I would call, a healer and that means he has the ability to intuitively and energetically feel the energies of his clients. This is what makes him great and what is the most beneficial aspect of his work, at least for what I am looking for in a massage therapist which in this field, is really hard to find, someone who can perceive what my body and soul need and gently tend to it with love and care.I love Arnold's work and I will be a client for life.

Yenisbel Rodriguez

For years I’ve had problems with my back and lower legs. Arnold was very cautious and methodical in his approach to helping me gain more flexibility and pain relief. I also felt really comfortable in his hands. Not only in general but also given the current Covid concerns. He really made me feel comfortable and provided a safe, relaxing environment. He also was obviously taking extra precautions, wearing masks, hand sanitizer, changing sheets on the massage table, etc. So I really felt safe as well. I’ve gone back to Arnold many times and will continue to use him as my one and only massage therapist. I also was intrigued to Reki by Arnold, which was a new experience for me and I felt he was really gentle and gave detailed explanations in introducing me to this new practice.

Che Christian Padron, Esq.

The benefits of regularly scheduled full body massages are numerous, including but, not limited to:

  • Improved Circulation
  • Relief of Muscle Fatigue and Tightness
  • Lighter Mood and Feelings of Relaxation
  • Improved Sleep Patterns
  • and more!